Funday Monday!

Howdy folks!
We are very close to launch and are working on the last bits of polish while recording audio & voices for Norse Noir. We’ve gotten an amazing list of both veteran all-star actors and newcomers to bring Loki’s Exile to life, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Highlights include Spike Spencer (Neon Genesis Evangelion, World of Warcraft, Excel Saga) as main characters Lars & Loki, Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon, Bleach, Naruto) as the calculating & quixotic Dandy Swahn, and Vic Mignona (Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z) as the Dwarven servant Fimafeng, plus our own casting director Melanie Ehrlich (YIIK, Holy Knight) as tough-as-nails Sgt. Betty! For a full cast list you can visit the official Norse Noir IMDB page at the following link:

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Happy Friday People!

We’re having a splendid time at the office creating and polishing the last bits of the game. We have over fifty thousand words (that’s right, 50,000!) and are now in the process of casting voice actors for the game.

We have partnered with casting & voice director Melanie Ehrlich (IMDB, Twitter, Facebook) of
LTM Casting and she has been brilliant! As we speak she is hard at work sifting through potential candidates, and though we’re not ready to reveal any actors just yet we are very excited by the names being bandied about – Stay tuned for more information soon!

For more news make sure to check our development blog at, as well as our official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Happy New Year World!

Hello people!

So far so good – Marketing & Social Media Manager Sara K. Raz has landed smoothly in her new position! Yeeeh! She will be updating you guys more frequently; after all she is our Social Media butterfly.

The team is back on track after the nice holiday break. Kickstarter postcards have officially been mailed (link: and as we settle in after the holidays the hot topic for the office now is: approaching a date for launch!!!


Stay tuned for more!


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Looking back on the past 12 productive months we’re all very proud of the roller coaster rides we’ve been through to be where we are now, but we want to give special thanks to all of our fans and supporters for being a huge part of our projects! We can’t show enough gratitude for the support we’ve gotten from all of you on creating and developing Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile,
Chapter 1.

In the coming year we hope to keep getting your support for developing more great games, launching chapter 1 of Loki´s Exile, and hopefully starting in on a few new ideas as well.

The postcards for our Kickstarter backers are here and we’ll be sending them out right after the holidays!

We also have a new team member jumping on board next year! She’ll be managing marketing and Social Media areas, meaning more news and updates for all of you!

We in KreativeSpill wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Father Xmas


See you next year!

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Dear people!
This is what happens when you’re busy with developing games you love; sometimes silence takes over!

The past several months have seen quite a bit of progress with Norse Noir: Loki´s Exile, Chapter 1, including a recent interview feature on NRK showcasing the creative work the team has put into making the game. It´s in Norwegian, but the artwork and images don´t need any translation!

We also can’t express how happy we are over receiving a second grant from Norwegian Film Institute  AND getting funded on KickStarter !

That’s all for this round! See everyone soon!

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Noises at the office!

We’ve been hard at work on our adventure game! For days, the office can be deathly quiet as people are focused on their stuff and have their headphones on tight. Yesterday, however, the silence was broken as we recorded some test audio for the dialogue. Enjoy the video!

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Our adventure game “Loki’s Exile” receives funding!

We are super excited – NFI has awarded us funds to start developing a new title !!

The game is a classic 2d adventure game where you get to explore 2 vastly different worlds, experiencing a story that is half mythology, half crime novel.

Characters from Norse Noir: Loki's Exile

Early cast of characters to be featured in Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile

UPDATE: Loki’s Exile has it’s own website now:

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Pieces falling into place, literally

Here’s a snapshot of what Halatafl looks like right now.


Rules are in place, and Thomas has recently managed to beat the AI for the first time. There is still some work before we figure out excactly where on the stylised/realistic line the main environment is going to be, but it’s getting there!

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Presenting @ Oslo Innovation Week

We’re pretty excited to be showcasing our use of Unity in the production of Pippi Longstockings later this month, as part of the Oslo Innovation Week initiative.

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Halatafl is back on track

Due to other commitments, we have had to put vikings and board games on the back burner for a while, but we should soon be back on track with this. There’s been talk of dressing up in costumes, and swords, so we can hardly wait!

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