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Funday Monday!

Howdy folks! We are very close to launch and are working on the last bits of polish while recording audio & voices for Norse Noir. We’ve gotten an amazing list of both veteran all-star actors and newcomers to bring Loki’s

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Happy Friday People!

Hi!! We’re having a splendid time at the office creating and polishing the last bits of the game. We have over fifty thousand words (that’s right, 50,000!) and are now in the process of casting voice actors for the game.

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Happy New Year World!

Hello people! So far so good – Marketing & Social Media Manager Sara K. Raz has landed smoothly in her new position! Yeeeh! She will be updating you guys more frequently; after all she is our Social Media butterfly. The

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Hello! Looking back on the past 12 productive months we’re all very proud of the roller coaster rides we’ve been through to be where we are now, but we want to give special thanks to all of our fans and

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Dear people! This is what happens when you’re busy with developing games you love; sometimes silence takes over! The past several months have seen quite a bit of progress with Norse Noir: Loki´s Exile, Chapter 1, including a recent interview

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Noises at the office!

We’ve been hard at work on our adventure game! For days, the office can be deathly quiet as people are focused on their stuff and have their headphones on tight. Yesterday, however, the silence was broken as we recorded some

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Our adventure game “Loki’s Exile” receives funding!

We are super excited – NFI has awarded us funds to start developing a new title !! The game is a classic 2d adventure game where you get to explore 2 vastly different worlds, experiencing a story that is half

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