Looking back on the past 12 productive months we’re all very proud of the roller coaster rides we’ve been through to be where we are now, but we want to give special thanks to all of our fans and supporters for being a huge part of our projects! We can’t show enough gratitude for the support we’ve gotten from all of you on creating and developing Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile,
Chapter 1.

In the coming year we hope to keep getting your support for developing more great games, launching chapter 1 of Loki´s Exile, and hopefully starting in on a few new ideas as well.

The postcards for our Kickstarter backers are here and we’ll be sending them out right after the holidays!

We also have a new team member jumping on board next year! She’ll be managing marketing and Social Media areas, meaning more news and updates for all of you!

We in KreativeSpill wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Father Xmas


See you next year!

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