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Noises at the office!

We’ve been hard at work on our adventure game! For days, the office can be deathly quiet as people are focused on their stuff and have their headphones on tight. Yesterday, however, the silence was broken as we recorded some

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Our adventure game “Loki’s Exile” receives funding!

We are super excited – NFI has awarded us funds to start developing a new title !! The game is a classic 2d adventure game where you get to explore 2 vastly different worlds, experiencing a story that is half

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Pieces falling into place, literally

Here’s a snapshot of what Halatafl looks like right now. Rules are in place, and Thomas has recently managed to beat the AI for the first time. There is still some work before we figure out excactly where on the

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Presenting @ Oslo Innovation Week

We’re pretty excited to be showcasing our use of Unity in the production of Pippi Longstockings later this month, as part of the Oslo Innovation Week initiative. Tweet

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Halatafl is back on track

Due to other commitments, we have had to put vikings and board games on the back burner for a while, but we should soon be back on track with this. There’s been talk of dressing up in costumes, and swords,

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Pippi Longstockings – a digital world on stage

In collaboration with the theatre production company SceneKvelder, we have made a system for projecting and controlling a digital backdrop and animated characters. The play is a new version of the children’s classic Pippi Longstockings, written by Astrid Lindgren. In

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Pippi gets great reviews!

Pippi keeps getting good reviews in the newspapers, and our bit is highlighted as “innovative digital magic”! We’re super happy the show is well received, and look forward to working with SceneKvelder again – we had a blast. Tweet

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Pippi Longstockings premiere

Yay, tonight was the premiere of Pippi Longstockings @ Christiania Theatre in Oslo! The play uses a Unity application made by us to bring projected digital backdrops and characters to life on stage.  Seeing the kids cheer as Pippi was

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Albert Åberg teaser

The fellows over at Hyper Interactive’s brand new Games department are currently working on a game to accompany the upcoming Alfie Atkins (Albert Åberg in Norwegian, Alfons Åberg in Swedish) feature film.  To help market this event, they wanted us

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“Hokus Pokus, Albert Åberg” teaser

This is a small promotion game for the upcoming Albert Åberg film and game release. It features an audio game (make your characers dance), straight up karaoke and a recycling game. Tweet

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