Pippi gets great reviews!

Imponerende Pippi-musikal - VG Nett
Pippi keeps getting good reviews in the newspapers, and our bit is highlighted as “innovative digital magic”! We’re super happy the show is well received, and look forward to working with SceneKvelder again – we had a blast.
Pippi i tiden! - rb.no

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Pippi Longstockings premiere


Yay, tonight was the premiere of Pippi Longstockings @ Christiania Theatre in Oslo! The play uses a Unity application made by us to bring projected digital backdrops and characters to life on stage.  Seeing the kids cheer as Pippi was chasing Mr. Nilsson across the screens was really rewarding.

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Albert Åberg teaser

The fellows over at Hyper Interactive’s brand new Games department are currently working on a game to accompany the upcoming Alfie Atkins (Albert Åberg in Norwegian, Alfons Åberg in Swedish) feature film.  To help market this event, they wanted us to make a teaser app with elements form both the film and the main game, as well as a recycling element.


While this is not our usual cup of tea in the games universe, it was fun to work with such a well known IP that we (the Norwegians in the team, anyway) had such fond memories of.

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Halatafl receives funding


Our proposed “hardcore chess for vikings” board game Halatafl has been awarded with a development grant from the Norwegian Film Institute!

Halatafl is a game from the Tafl (table) family of games, played by Scandinavians and later other Northern Europeans from as early as 400AD.

While the game was carved out of wood or stone tablets, our version will be for iPads and Android tablets initially.

Read what the Film Institute says about it:  Tildelinger for 2013 – Halatafl

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