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KreativeSpill A/S is a company primarily focused on game & mobile development. Established in 2012 with head offices located in Oslo, Norway, our international team encompasses a wide variety of expertise within the gaming and mobile technology fields.

Founded by former Funcom veterans, the company’s main focus is in game development, however with our wide-reaching experience we also offer the ability to work knowledgeably with mobile app technology and cutting-edge interactive digital displays.

Team Members:

jt_mugshot_paint_uten sløyfe portrett OJ

Jørgen R Thrane, company founder, CEO and CTO. Lead programmer on Facebook social game “My Kingdom”. Programmer on Facebook social game “Fashion Week Live” and MMO “Pets vs. Monsters”.


Ole Jacob Kielland, company founder, art director and artist. Former lead artist on Anarchy Online at Funcom, background in industrial art & design.

ill_eat_your_babies i_feel_the_cigarette_is_an_important_touchThomas Beswick, programmer, audio/visual. Programmer for “Fashion WeekLive” and part of technology-exploration/prototype team at Funcom


Brad L. McAtee, designer, marketing, writer. Long experience as a designer and writer on Anarchy Online, marketing experience includes three years television production.


0560b49 (1) portrett sara

Cameron Cragg, company founder & lead programmer. Former lead programmer on Pets vs. Monsters at Funcom.


Sara R. K. Raz, marketing and social media manager. Worked with promotion and marketing at Shell Norway A/S.



Marie Therese Lyshol, animator & character artist. Classically trained animator, worked on Funcom’s MMO
“The Secret World” and children’s title “Markus and Moonraker”.









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