Funday Monday!

Howdy folks!
We are very close to launch and are working on the last bits of polish while recording audio & voices for Norse Noir. We’ve gotten an amazing list of both veteran all-star actors and newcomers to bring Loki’s Exile to life, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Highlights include Spike Spencer (Neon Genesis Evangelion, World of Warcraft, Excel Saga) as main characters Lars & Loki, Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon, Bleach, Naruto) as the calculating & quixotic Dandy Swahn, and Vic Mignona (Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z) as the Dwarven servant Fimafeng, plus our own casting director Melanie Ehrlich (YIIK, Holy Knight) as tough-as-nails Sgt. Betty! For a full cast list you can visit the official Norse Noir IMDB page at the following link:

Hope everyone has a great week!

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