An Early Thanksgiving Speech

Most gamers about my age found their interest in the now outdated, but still legendary, old consoles, and I am no exception.

Ever since 1989 when my best friend from childhood used his savings to buy a Sega Master System, I have been addicted to this stuff, and since my abilities with with finances allowed me to save up a maximum of 11 kroners at the time (approximately $1.5), I was left with the choices of either steal a gaming console or beg my way into my friend’s house. I choose the latter, or I really didn’t choose it, I just didn’t have the nerves to steal one, which in fact I’m utterly grateful for.

Luckily, my friend opened up his home for me. We spent hours and hours playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Fantasy Zone, Wonder Boy, Ghost House, and lots of other games I can’t remember the names of right now.

Even though my friend doesn’t have the same fanatic interest in gaming as me, he really did introduce me to the art, and he still remains one of my greatest friends today. For this, I will always be in his debt.

So thank you so very much my dear friend.

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